Dr. Moe Levin

Founder at Keynote

About Moe

Visionary Entrepreneur, Founder, Connector, Strategist. Moe has recognized the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology from its nascency. He is the founder and CEO of Keynote, a global blockchain consultancy that has connected entrepreneurs and investors in the blockchain and crypto sector since its inception in 2013. Keynote facilitated the launch of Ethereum in 2014 at one of its proprietary conferences in Miami. Since then, Keynote has launched globally-oriented forums in London, Dubai, Las Angeles, and Chicago. 

An early investor in RSK, Dropbox, Labfresh, and more, Moe is also a key strategist for forthcoming ICOs. He remains an advisor to Wanchain, Tzero, Aion, Blackmoon Crypto, FuzeX, IcoBox, and many others and continues to advise governments, banks, and corporations on new technologies and their capacity for building better global communities.

The development and large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies and ICO’s change the fundamental structures of traditional economic, political, and legal systems, but even with so much potential, there are indeed obstacles that must be addressed in order for large-scale and universal uptake of this revolutionary technology. Moe is here to help.

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